Customizable team building for your employees

Play online games and icebreakers at work to have more engaged and less stressed team.

Play Games and Icebreakers

Versatile offer of games which you can play in small teams, big teams or play icebreakers with employees and clients.



3 to 8 players

Choose a board preset and play a game similar to Monopoly, which is custom made for your business.

Upgrade cards and create nice chance cards which will help you pass company values and cool stories to your employees.



4 to 20 players

Get to know your team and their strengths. See what category has been selected and bid the price.

Bidding winner can answer the question and get additional money for their team. Are you ready to go va banque for double jackpot?



4 to 20 players

Short icebreaker that allows you to get to know your colleagues better. Guess what your co-players answered to given questions.

Select a specific question preset, randomize questions or create your own.



This is a gamification module with juggling tutorials, so that your employees can learn new skills.

Juggling is great for the mind and creativity, allowing also for quick breaks from constantly sitting.

Expected in 2022

Be a modern, conscious employer

Your employees need to feel part of the company. Use RemoteFun to provide that and boost their morale and engagement.


Keep your team engaged.

Show that you care for your employees and they will return the favor.


Strengthen relationships.

Working with other people is great. Find some time for fun and social interaction to keep a healthy balance at work.


Make remote work feel less socially awkward.

Remote work is not beneficial socially. Help people feel more at ease by providing them with some fun during these difficult times.

How it works


Register for free.


Adjust your branding, board presets and questions in admin panel (optional).


Start a game and invite people with Magic Links.


Build your company culture and strong relationships. Have fun!

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    Keep your teams more engaged and build relationships in your company.

About RemoteFun

With remote work comes great responsibility.

We value relationships

We came up with RemoteFun to take care of social interaction among employees.

Even though pandemic may end soon, remote work will still be a struggle for many.

We offer you regular updates

As we're a young company, we will provide improvements and patches for games on regular basis.

We also develop new games as you can see in the game section.

We donate 10% of profit to mental health initiatives

Remote work and solitude poses serious mental issues threat to many people.

We would like to help not only by our games, but also directly to those who already need it.